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This page is about our sister Yahoo Site Healthy 9-1-1

Healthy 9-1-1:  This is a group of emergency services personnel, including police, fire fighters, dispatchers, 911 operators, nurses, paramedics and anyone else in the emergency services arena. 
We all work abnormally long hours and even more abnormal shifts.   When you add our hours, our schedules, our lack of sleep and our "dietary indescretions" all together - it's next to impossible to be and stay healthy!   This group is designed for us to share ideas on how to make our lifestyles work and be healthy doing it!
We're a new group - but we're looking forward to many more members...all sharing new ideas and being supportive of each other.  If your interested, and you fall in the same professional arena - join us!!  We look forward to meeting you!!

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