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During an average day, a dispatcher can count on one thing. The phone is going to ring. However, there is nothing routine when we pick up that phone. Calls can range anywhere from very serious to down right hilarious. Here are a few examples of some calls we have taken. (Names and locations have been removed for privacy reasons)If you are a dispatcher feel free to submit your most serious, humorous, or most frustrating calls to us to post on this site.

Okay, here's one of the funnier 911's we've taken lately.

Old lady calls 911...
Dispatcher - "911...where is your emergency"
Old Lady - "Can you tell me what the date is today?"
Dispatcher -  "You called 911 to ask for the date?"
Old Lady - "Well, it was an easy number and I figured you were smart people"
Dispatcher - "Okay, I can give you the date but you can't call 911 for this in the future okay?!"

This is an honest to goodness 911 call - and the dispatcher did give her the date.

Added November 2003

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